There is always some truth about any product and also some lies that are told behind the scenes to sell. The salespeople are always engaged in showing people the best things that a product has but hide the negative side of it.

Medicare Advantage plan has some truths that have been identified but not spoken of, and some of these are;

  1. The fact that the premiums that one is expected to pay may not be as minimal as they are said to be. This is because of the copay’s, coinsurance and the deductibles that one pays plus other medical costs that aggregate the costs when all are added up. Again, one may get a sickness that keeps you returning to the doctor now and then which
  2. This plan is restricted to various networks

medicare advantage plans 2019


This means that one may not be able to access the services all over since it only operates on a pool of selected doctors. One also has to choose that the minute you take this cover, you have to comply with visiting the doctors available therefore limiting the other panel providers.

Medicare advantage doctors are approved by the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and it’s done in good faith to be able to regulate the policy effectively.  Visit to get a quote.

  1. Selling the plan without first considering the interest of the seniors. The main reason for this is for revenue maximization where the salespeople end up selling to the older people without explaining what it entails.

This ends up them to incur additional medical costs if they do not get the services they need from the available doctors and may have been better should they have remained in the original Medicare plan.

  1. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid services have however tried to manage this situation by ensuring that proper information has been conveyed to the clients for them to take up the plan at their peril. However, there are still those scrupulous sales agents who again go behind the regulations to ensure that their needs have been met.


In retirement, there are so many plans that one may wish to use and Medicare advantage plans for 2019 may be placed last due to the publication that it has received from the press and have had bad reputation all over. However, it remains a good option especially for those people who can comfortably afford the cost like the baby boomers who are go-getters, and nothing can stop them from achieving what they desire to have.